API, Class G (HSR) Type Oil Well Cement

API, Class G (HSR) Type Oil Well Cement, Specifications for well cements were established by the API (American Petroleum Institute), because the conditions to which Portland cement is exposed in wells can differ radically from those experienced in construction applications. There are currently six classes of API Well Cements, designated A, B, C, D, G and H, according to the depth of the well, the temperature and pressure. Within some classes, cements with varying degrees of sulfate resistance (as determined by C3A content) are sanctioned: ordinary (0), moderate sulfate resistance (MSR) and high sulfate resistance (HSR). CIMKO produces API, Class G (HSR) Type Oil Well Cement in Adiyaman Plant. It is certified by API as per API Spec. 1OA standard. It is available in high sulfate resistance type.

API, Class G (HSR) Type Oil Well Cement APPLICATION AREAS

API Well Cement, which can be used under particular requirements like high temperature and pressure, shows high processability and mechanical properties on drilling applications. This special type of cement is primarily aimed to be used for depth petroleum and natural gas well cementing.

It is used also for sealing water wells, waste disposal wells, and geothermal wells.