Çimko had first entered into cement business through privatization of Adıyaman plant from the government in 1995. Çimko, has then continued its growth by Narlı/Kahramanmaraş cement plant investment. Çimko, joint venture between Sanko Holding, currently operates Adıyaman and Narlı cement plants, packaging facilities in Gaziantep and Kilis and seven ready mix concrete plants in different locations.


Çimko had acquired Adıyaman plant from government privatization program. The facility is located in closed area of 252.000 m2.

The initial clinker production capacity of 1,700 tpd was increased to 2,000 tpd (660.000 tpa.) The current cement production capacity of plant is 1.350.000 tpa. The technology is front-heated dry process compatible with TSE ("Turkish Standards Institute") and Europe ENV 197-1 standards. Çimko produces different cement types as Pozzolanic and Portland, etc.

Adıyaman Plant awarded by TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate in 2000, continuously seeks to excel customers' expectations and enhance the product quality. Çimko Cement who is a member of Turkey Cement Producers Assocation and Cement Producers Employers Association proves the fact that environmental sustainability is important for Cimko as it grows by "Quality and Environment Control Council" certificate from Turkey Cement Producers Association and "A Class Emmision permission" from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Plant has OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certificate.


Çimko Cement Narli branch which belongs to Sanko Holding is a Greenfield investment started in July 2006 and completed in 18 months.

The plant is currently running with 9.300 tpd clinker (3.100.000 tpa) and 4.500.000 tpa.

Çimko Cement Narli branch which belongs to Sanko Holding is a Greenfield investment started in July 2006 and completed in 18 months. The plant is currently running with 9.300 tpd clinker (3.100.000 tpa) and cement 4.500.000 tpa.

Çimko currently operates one raw material breaker (2.000 t/h), one additive breaker (500 tones/h), one coal breaker (300 t/h), three farin mills (3x280 t/h), two coal mills (2x35 t/h) one rotary kiln (7.500 t/day), three cement mills (3x218 t/h), one packaging facility (4x100 t/h)

Çimko works continuously to exceed customer expectations and improves the quality both in product and service.

The plant is fully automated and all raw materials, supplementary materials and fuel are stored in fore-homogenous closed hails. the dust dissemination runs under the Europe standards with the filters.

Çimko complies with TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Standards and awarded by EC Convenience Certificate by Fulfilling the requirements of TS EN 197-1 and TS EN 197-2 standards.


Ready-mixed concrete of which usage area is increasing has come to forefront due to increased safety and cost effectiveness. The production categories are in C8/10, C12/15, C16/20, C20/25, C25/30, C30/37, C35/45, C40/50 classes. Research and development studies are going on for the production of more resisting and unique concretes.

Çimko Concrete targets to serve to the construction industry with innovative, customer orientated, and environmentally-conscious products. The quality of ready mixed concrete comes to the forefont because of construction safety concerns due to seismic belts in Turkey. The production in all Çimko Cement Concrete Facilities is automated and in world standards. The production process complies with ISO 9000 management system, QSS (Quality Safety System) and TS EN 2006-1 standards.

Gaziantep Packaging and Loading terminal has a loading capacity of 2.500 tpd while Kilis Packaging and Loading Terminal has 1.500 tpd. Çimko Concrete has 16 ready-mixed concrete facilities of which 3 in Gaziantep, 6 in Kahramanmaras, 2 in Adiyaman, 2 Adana and 2 and Osmaniye, 1 and Mersin, 1 in Antakya(Hatay), 2 are located. It has 3.000.000 m3 production, shipment and pumping capacity per year with 40 concrete pump and 200 transmixers.